New Features:
New Logic and Interface Operation
FATSO’s four types of processing
- A new ratio “Eleven”, which emulates a favorite classic compressor setting.
- New Two Color Front Panel
- Improved Logic
- Separate TRACKING LED, more intuitive display.
- Backwards stepping when a front panel button is held.
- New extended stereo link functions. More choices of how to lock compressors.
- Cooler running Logic Circuitry, resulting in an overall cooler operating temperature.
- Improved overall noise floor, due to lower logic power consumption.

2 179,00 €

ELEVEN is a new compressor for the Fatso, replacing the old GP Ratio, and emulates the famous UREI 1176LN in 20:1, with the slowest attack, and fastest release. This 1176 setting has been used on countless hit records through the decades. With the slower “1176” attack, the transients keep the dynamics present, while the high ratio, can radically limit the dynamic range of any source, making it present and sitting in a nice little place in your mix. One can slam it, or just touch it with a few dB of compression. You will find it great on Vocals, Bass, acoustic guitars, drum room mikes, pianos etc.


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